classical beauty in sculpture

the artist

anna maria wiechec

Anna Wiechec



Even as a young child in Krakow, I was interested in sculpture. It was everywhere, not just in churches but in the parks and public places.

 Of all the art forms it is the one that lives in the real world with us. It doesn't need to be protected like a drawing or a painting.

 When I first came to Canada I remember noticing there was no sculpture. At the time I felt kind of a loss, as is something was missing. Now I feel as if my job is to fill some of those empty space with sculpture.

 I chose to do dancers because I see these women as strong and disciplined but always graceful.  Some people question why I represent the nude form in such detail. I can only say that I am constantly looking at these forms and everyday I discover something new that compels me to look even deeper.  The way one form flows into another, for example, as your eye travels down an arm to a wrist and finally the finger tip where a gesture seems to move out into the air is for me, a kind of poetry that I cannot express any other way.